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The Shaun Keaveny's Community Garden Radio wiki is a Wikipedia-style database for everything connected to Shaun Keaveny's crowdfunded radio station.

Contributions and thank yous

  • A massive thank you to Paul Cole for sourcing the cartwall clips, sharing his massive archive of Keaveny to help expand on the impressive cartwall list.
  • A huge round of applause of gratitude to Lauren for their tireless work with archiving every song played on the show and contributing to some of the early entries. Also their impressive work on The Chain Game is a thing of beauty.
  • Major love to Tufts for the album club and its wiki entries. DJ Cut and Shut forever.
  • A pint and a crispy egg in The Open Arms for Pete for updating the wiki when they should be working, and for doing it when I'm too busy with my own job.
  • Hugs to Ben Tulloh and everyone else at Burning Bright Audio for their tireless work, bringing this madness and chaos to the airwaves.
  • Everyone who has contributed to the wiki in some way, whether it be editing typos, helping with code, or just posting a message in the #wiki channel on Discord. I love you all.
  • Finally, a massive thank you to Shaun for what you created. You have made a wonderful community. None of this would be possible without you.

- Much love, from max xoxo