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Welcome to Shaun Keaveny's Community Garden Radio wiki! A knowledge base for Community Garden Radio and its community. Community Garden Radio is a crowdfunded digital radio station hosted by Shaun Keaveny and produced by Burning Bright Audio.

Broadcasting schedule
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Friday
Show Monday Night Album Club Dan's Reggae Show Live from Community Garden Radio Live and Dangerous With MFC
Host Tuftii Dan Evans Shaun Keaveny Matt from Consett
Time 7pm 6pm 1pm 6pm
Latest episode
Latest episode of Album Club
Album Club 079
Mitski "The Land Is Inhospitable And So Are We".
Next episode: Monday 4th of December..
Latest episode of The Reggae Show
Reggae Show 032
More reggae bangers!
Next episode: Tuesday 26th September 2023.
Latest episode of Community Garden Radio
Episode 104
More Singalong with Satire and old car memories.
Next episode: Wednesday 13th December 2023.
Latest episode of Live and Dangerous With MFC
Live and Dangerous 007
Mis-dialled guests and Friday night bangers.
Next episode: Friday 23rd September 2023.

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Get a taste of Keaveny

The following episodes of Community Garden Radio are available to listen to for free. These are perfect as an introduction before becoming a Patreon subscriber.