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Inside the studio at Community Garden Radio.

Community Garden Radio is a weekly radio show, broadcasted live from London every Wednesday between 1pm and 3pm. It is hosted by Shaun Keaveny with help from Producer Ben. The show takes its name from the metaphorical Garden which Shaun's Patreon is named after.


Initially starting to work with a friend, Clive Tulloh of Burning Bright Productions, and Clive's son Ben, the trio began recording podcasts. The radio show live via Patreon was was an idea from Ben.[1] Following Shaun's departure from BBC Radio 6 Music in September 2021, an experimental radio station to be supported via Patreon was launched, with two test broadcasts in December 2021.[2][3]The Community Garden Radio broadcast its first official broadcast, episode 003, on Friday 7th January 2022.

From its first official broadcast in 2022, the show was broadcast on a Friday unless it was moved to another day of the week for schedluing reasons. In 2023, from episode 057 onwards, the show was broadcast on a Wednesday. Originally it was due to Shaun's commitments with Radio 2 but on the 31st January 2023, Shaun announced[4] the move to Wednesday would be permanent unless the new day was too much of a change.


The show relies on its community content, with the host requesting missives from its listeners. They are gathered via email, the Patreon feed or its Discord server. Features from Shaun's 6 Music show were brought over, including Middle Aged Shout Outs, Small Claims Court, and Birthday Boulevard. The fictional pub, The Open Arms, which began on Shaun's afternoon show on 6 Music was also brought over to the new show, where listeners could order drinks, cartwall clips and request a song on its jukebox.

New features to the show include voicemails from Noddy Holder and Sting (sent in by an anonymous impersonator), Dad Gags, skits and routines which are written and performed by Shaun, and callers from guests. Other segments which have either been dropped or irregularly featured include Dance Emergency, Halfway House, Holding Out For a Hero, Guess The Bill and Covid Corner.

CGR in the media

Shaun has appeared in a number of media interviews since leaving BBC Radio 6 Music, plugging Community Garden Radio and other projects.

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