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"a text version of dystopia in and of itself" - as described by Shaun, Episode 011[1]

The Community Garden Radio Discord is a Discord server, set up on the 6th January 2022 by Producer Ben and first mentioned on air during Episode 004. It is used, along with the Shaun Keaveny Mild Appreciation Society fan page on Facebook, for listeners to discuss the live broadcast while engaging in other topics in other channels. #content on the show is also sourced from the server, via the Middle-Aged Shoutouts, Dad-Gags, Open Arms etc. channels. Shaun will often refer to the server by asking listeners to "brave the Discord!". A list of channels can be found at List of Discord channels.

It is currently an open community, and is moderated by tuftii[2], Kathryn[2], max[2] and Scott[2].


  • The first message sent in the server was by Shaun, simply saying "Test message, test test test".[3]
  • The server holds a 'Monday Night album club' where gardeners listen to an album usually voted on by the community. A recent Monday Night album club featured the album World to Me by Newcastle indie band Pit Pony, and band member Garth participated in the discussion and answered questions about the album.


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