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The Monday Night Album Club is a regular, recurring feature on the Community Garden Radio Discord server and Community Garden Radio. It is hosted and produced by Tuftii, with co-production from Moo the Cat. The show is broadcasted live from 'Tuftii Towers'. Listeners are invited to listen along in the Discord server and on Patreon. The show is uploaded to Patreon for catch-up.


Tuftii Towers, where the show is broadcasted from every week.

During episode 022, Shaun invited listeners to listen to Innervisions by Stevie Wonder. Inspired by Tim Burgess and his listening parties on Twitter, Tuftii set up a channel on the Discord server and invited to listen along with the album. Its popularity led to the creation of the Album Club, playing an album every week.

Every Monday at 8pm GMT/BST, one nominated album is played in its entirety whilst members of the Discord server chat along as it plays. It began on the 23rd May 2022 and has run every Monday since. It is organised by tuftii[1] who also curates pre-mixes to play before the album starts. Albums are voted on by the community on a weekly basis, usually alternating between a new release and a classic cut. Albums are also given ratings jokingly by Scott from Devon who rates albums by how much he was distracted listening instead of cooking.[1] The club ran from 7pm GMT/BST until the 26th September 2022 when it was moved an hour later as part of a trial run.

On January 2, 2023, the album club made its broadcasting debut on Community Garden Radio, broadcasting live at 7pm GMT as part of the expansion of the Garden. The 38th episode saw the introduction of People's Penultimate Pick where listeners were given the opportunity to suggest the second to last track to be broadcasted, with the host choosing the best suggestion. Episode 039 introduced Tuftii's Tail End Track officially, a track which the host chooses to finish the show with.

List of albums chosen

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