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Shaun Keaveny's Creative Cul-de-Sac is a podcast produced by Burning Bright Audio.


Shaun asks creative people of all stripes to share with us those ideas they have buried in notebooks, on iPhones, scribbled on the backs of beer mats that they never got away.[1] An ad-free version of the podcast is available to subscribers of the show's Patreon. There has been one series to date. The show is currently on hiatus.[2]

Guests for the first season include Vic Reeves, Nina Conti, Greg James and Tim Key. Each episode starts with Shaun going through his own creative detritus before talking to the guest of the week.

Since the end of the first season, the podcast feed has sporadically featured episodes of Community Garden Radio, usually with the music edited out.

List of episodes

Creative Cul-de-Sac Season 1
No. Original release date Featured guest
1 14 February 2022 Greg James
2 20 February 2022 Nina Conti
3 28 February 202 Jim Moir (Vic Reeves)
4 6 March 2022 Samira Ahmed
5 13 March 2022 John Lloyd
6 21 March 2022 Sanjeev Kohli
7 28 March 2022 Tim Key
8 4 April 2022 Jon Holmes
9 11 April 2022 Joe Lycett
Community Garden Radio Episodes
No. Original release date Guest(s) CGR Episode
10 18 April 2022 'Facts about Shaun Keaveny' Episode 017
11* 26 September 2022 Pub Quiz with Steve Lamacq Episode 040
12* 28 October 2022 LIVE from SPIRITLAND with Chesney Hawkes and Matt Everitt Episode 044
13* 23 November 2022 LIVE from SPIRITLAND II with Danny Goffey and Marcel Lucont Episode 049
14* 12 December 2022 LIVE from 100 CLUB with The Wedding Present and Matt Everitt Episode 052
15 14 December 2022 Shaun Keaveny's Need to Know Bassist With Guy Pratt
16* 9 February 2023 B.C. Camplight Episode 061
17* 16 February 2023 Murray Lachlan Young on CGR Murray Lachlan Young Hour 001
18* 23 February 2023 Ash Wednesday Special with Rick from Ash Episode 063
19* 3 May 2023 After the ARIAs Special Episode 073
20* 10 May 2023 The Shite Cliffs of Dover and Overly Detailed AirBnB instructions Episode 074
21* 14 June 2023 Birthday Special with Brian Cox and Mark Ellen Episode 079

* = No longer available on the podcast feed.

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