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Episode 079 is the 79th broadcast of Community Garden Radio, broadcast on Wednesday 14th June 2023. It was hosted by Shaun Keaveny. It celebrated Shaun's 51st birthday.


Ben posted the show's timings to Patreon[1] before the show's pre mix.

Now till 11:51 - The Endless CGR Mixtape

11:51- 14:00 - A pre show bday mix for Shaun by Zoe Z, Andy M, Ceri B, Caz B, Matt FC, Reggae Boi Dan, Tufftii, Ade Cole, Mike G, Karen Stoneham, Mazza, John Almond, Annie from Harris, Isobel & Domi Cz. THE THEME IS SONGS BEGGINING[sic] WITH W.O.B.J.

14:00 - 16:00 - SHAUN BDAY SHOW

16:00 - 17:30 - AFTER SHOW MIX


See also: Episode 079 pre-mix

The pre-mix began at 10:49am BST[2] with the endless mixtape. A special birthday pre-mix was played at 11.51am.

The Show

The show began at 1.59pm BST.[3]

Brian Cox, Mark Ellen (of the Word in your Podcast) + Matt Everitt, Clare Runacres and Ex-Mosque band members and more picking tracks.

Tracks played

Each song played was introduced by someone special in Shaun's life.

The Wedding Playlist

There was no Wedding Playlist this week due to Shaun's birthday and him being told to not plan anything for the show.

Full track list

  • The Song Remains the Same by Led Zeppelin
  • Brothers in Arms by Dire Straits (chosen by Leon Parr)
  • Do You Realize?? by The Flaming Lips (chosen by Clare Runacres)
  • Everybody's In The Mood by Howlin' Wolf (chosen by Mark Ellen)
  • I Found the F by Broadcast (chosen by Mark King)
  • Mathematics by Cherry Ghost (chosen by Phil Smith)
  • Work (Freemasons Radio Edit) by Kelly Rowland (chosen by Phil Smith)
  • Caffeine by Faith No More (chosen by Paul Keaveny, Shaun's brother)
  • My Favourite Dress by The Wedding Present (chosen by Martin, Shaun's uncle)
  • Rocket Man by Elton John (chosen by Joan, Shaun's mum)
  • Here, There and Everywhere by The Beatles
  • Going to California by Led Zeppelin (chosen by Station Master Clive & Matt Everitt), Live 1972 version played as per Matt's request


  • Stolen From The Word In Your Ear Birthday Caller Chat - interview with Mark Ellen, the host of The Word In Your Ear
  • Naming (it won't go in) Sarah's rum cocktail: Dark and Shauny
  • Shaun's Drug Stories
  • Shaun's Vodafone Contract Woes
  • Voicemails from Sting and Noddy Holder
  • Interview with Brian Cox
  • Birthday poem by Annie from Harris


Further information: Episode 079 post-mix

Episode notes

  • The show returned to its usual Wednesday slot.
  • The episode celebrated Shaun's 51st birthday, and started at 2pm instead of 1pm.
  • No update was given to the show intro sign, despite Shaun being early to broadcast.


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