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This page contains a list of Community Garden Radio shows ordered by their original broadcast dates.


Show # Original Broadcast Date Length (sid)[1] No. tracks played Pre-mix Post-mix Notes
001 Mon 20 Dec 2021 57m 30s 5 None None Referred to as 'Community Garden Radio Test Broadcast' as per upload on Patreon, and as 'Test Test Broadcast' on Episode 055
002 Wed 22 Dec 2021 1h 12m 53s 10 None None Referred to as 'Christmas Test Broadcast' as per upload on Patreon.


Show # Original Broadcast Date Length (sid)[1] No. tracks played Pre-mix Post-mix Notes
003 Fri 7 Jan 2022 1h 06m 28s 5 None None First 'proper' (i.e. non-test) edition of the show.

Debut of Dry Gin 4 Jen (no it's dry Jan).

004 Fri 14 Jan 2022 1h 13m 12s 8 None None First show to broadcast after the Discord server was launched.

Introduction of The Wedding Playlist.

005 Fri 21 Jan 2022 1h 10m 40s 7 Little Timmy Mix: basic physics None The live show experienced some signal drop out that was excluded from the Patreon recording.
006 Fri 28 Jan 2022 1h 17m 21s 8 Little Timmy Mix: flotsam None
007 Fri 4 Feb 2022 2h 15m 56s 15 Little Timmy Mix: holy mates None First show to last for 2 hours
008 Fri 11 Feb 2022 2h 07m 54s 13 Little Timmy Mix: love light Marc Farell's Listener Mix SWK had conjunctivitus for this show!
009 Fri 18 Feb 2022 2h 16m 10s 15 Little Timmy Mix: applejack James Lamport's Listener Mix
010 Fri 25 Feb 2022 2h 12m 07s 14 Little Timmy Mix: our house StupidyThings "Fat Organs" mix
011 Fri 4 Mar 2022 2h 09m 26s 14 Little Timmy Mix: indoor picnic tuftii from the Fens' Listener Mix
012 Thu 10 Mar 2022 2h 08m 29s 13 Little Timmy Mix: seven grains of gold Ali from Cockermouth's Listener Mix
013 Fri 18 Mar 2022 2h 05m 03s 13 Little Timmy Mix: shut-in special Jimmy G's "The Horn" mix
014 Fri 25 Mar 2022 2h 00m 13s 14 Little Timmy Mix: I get paid for being stupid and now i'm rich Charlotte's Listener mix
015 Fri 1 Apr 2022 2h 03m 53s Little Timmy Mix: jungle(ish) special Sally from London's Listener mix Tom Parker Bowles cart wall clip played
016 Fri 8 Apr 2022 2h 06m 01s Little Timmy Mix: one more Rachel's Filums Mix Producer Stu sat in for Ben

tuftii from the Fens was the Jukebox caller this week

017 Thu 14 Apr 2022 2h 10m 23s 14 Little Timmy Mix: chaim Gina's "colours" mix Thursday broadcast due to the following day being Good Friday Bank Holiday.
018 Fri 22 Apr 2022 2h 06m 06s Little Timmy Mix: superfantastic (it wont go in) sarah's Listener mix Kathryn From South Shields was in the Open Arms, and requested Pit Pony - Black Tar
019 Fri 29 Apr 2022 2h 02m 40s Endless Mixtape A Snappy Discord Playlist
020 Fri 6 May 2022 2h 16m 21s Endless Mixtape Martin Rix's "Bangers" Mix
021 Fri 13 May 2022 2h 07m 15s Endless Mixtape Suzanne Smith's "Boomtimes" Mix
022 Fri 20 May 2022 2h 03m 06s Little Timmy Mix: superfantastic [2] Julia's Listener Mix
023 Fri 27 May 2022 2h 06m 38s 15 None None Producer Ben had COVID - Hunter and Jasper stood in.[3]

No pre or post show mixes.

024 Wed 1 Jun 2022 2h 14m 27s Endless Mixtape Kate's "Hell's Kitchen Disco" Mix Wednesday broadcast due to Platinum Jubilee Bank Holidays on 02/03 June.

Producer Ben had COVID - Hunter, Jasper and Kitty stood in.[4]

025 Fri 10 Jun 2022 2h 10m 22s 10 Endless Mixtape Annie From Harris' Listener Mix
026 Thu 16 Jun 2022 2h 10m 21s 14 Endless Mixtape Songs I Discovered Through Shaun Shaun's 50th birthday show.
027 Fri 24 Jun 2022* 1h 57m 19s None None Recorded live at The Crow's Nest, Glastonbury Festival.

*Recording took place on this date, but the show was not broadcast live. Technical issues meant that the recording was not able to be uploaded until Wed 29 June.

028 Fri 1 Jul 2022 2h 09m 03s Endless Mixtape Happy Birthday Ben! First show broadcast using new, Cuckoostone gin-funded mixing desk.
029 Fri 8 Jul 2022 2h 08m 29s 15 Endless Mixtape Scott from Devon's Listener Mix
030 Fri 15 Jul 2022 2h 18m 25s 13 Endless Mixtape Unknown Listener Mix With special guest Tim Burgess.
031 Thu 21 Jul 2022 2h 06m 13s 13 Endless Mixtape Algorhythmic Entropy's Postmodern mix Thursday broadcast due to Shaun attending Latitude Festival.[5]
032 Fri 29 Jul 2022 2h 30m 01s 15 Endless Mixtape Algorhythmic Entropy's The Mandate 2 mix
033 Fri 5 Aug 2022 2h 14m 57s 14 Endless Mixtape Listener Mix by DAN! This episode was broadcast free to air.
034 Fri 12 Aug 2022 2h 11m 16s 13 Endless Mixtape CGR Dance Emergency mix by Sarlitchin
035 Fri 19 Aug 2022 2h 12m 42s 15 Endless Mixtape Algorhythmic Entropy's The Mandate mix
036 Fri 26 Aug 2022 2h 04m 37s 16 Endless Mixtape Pete's "Bring the Noise" mix This was the first pre-recorded episode due to Shaun being on holiday[6].
037 Fri 2 Sep 2022 2h 18m 28s 15 Endless Mixtape max's "imposter syndrome" mix
038 Fri 9 Sep 2022 2h 18m 08s 15 Little Timmy Mix: holy mates
039 Fri 16 Sep 2022 2h 15m 20s 14 Endless Mixtape Kathryn's No WAY! mix
040 Fri 23 Sep 2022 2h 05m 17s 13 Endless Mixtape Neil's 100% North Wales Mix
041 Fri 30 Sep 2022 2h 09m 42s 14 Endless Mixtape Macca mixtape from Sam Liddicott
042 Wed 5 Oct 2022 2h 09m 12s 12 Endless Mixtape Gayle's favourites for CGR With special guest Marcel Luconte.

This show was broadcast on Wednesday due to Shaun's other commitments.

043 Fri 14 Oct 2022 2h 08m 34s 12 Endless Mixtape
044 Mon 17 Oct 2022 2h 37m 05s 12 Little Timmy Mixes: Live mix Shaun Keaveny's Dance Emergency Mix This show was broadcast live from Spiritland, Southbank on Monday instead of Friday, in front of an audience.[7] Currently the longest broadcasted show to date.
045 Fri 21 Oct 2022 2h 10m 37s 14 Endless Mixtape / Arctic Monkeys - The Car Episode 045 post-mix
046 Fri 28 Oct 2022 2h 09m 40s 12 Endless Mixtape Toby's "What on earth are you listening to now?" mix This show was broadcast via a Twitter livestream.
047 Fri 4 Nov 2022 2h 11m 07s 13 Producer Ben's pre-mix future hog's "more blacks, more irish, more mix-tapes" mix
048 Fri 11 Nov 2022 2h 22m 10s 17 None JimmyG's "The Discord Weekly Wipe Playlist (2022-11-11)" mix Producer Ben's hosting debut. Currently the longest non-live broadcasted show to date.[8]
049 Fri 18 Nov 2022 2h 08m 04s 12 Endless Mixtape Episode 049 post-mix This show was recorded live at Spiritland, Southbank on Monday in front of an audience. The recording was broadcast on Patreon at the usual time on Friday.[9]
050 Fri 25 Nov 2022 2h 11m 22s 14 Endless Mixtape Alex Hill's "covers" mix Community Garden Radio celebrates its 50th show.
051 Fri 2 Dec 2022 2h 08m 26s 16 Endless Mixtape Sean in Chesham's "Festive Shandy" mix
052 Fri 9 Dec 2022 3h 39m 23s[10] 18[11] Endless Mixtape Little Timmy live mix Two parter show: The Phone Zone and the broadcast of the Christmas Show which was recorded live at The 100 Club on Monday 5th December.
053 Fri 16 Dec 2022 2h 05m 24s 16 Endless Mixtape
054 Wed 21 Dec 2022 2h 10m 05s 16 Endless Mixtape max's "christmas in the garden" mix Final live show of 2022.
055 Fri 30 Dec 2022 1h 29m 55s 6 (none) (none) A pre-recorded, 'best of' episode looking back at 2022.


Show # Original Broadcast Date Length (sid)[1] No. tracks played Pre-mix Post-mix Notes
056 Thu 5 Jan 2023 2h 07m 09s 14 Endless Mixtape NickO's mix First show of 2023. Show was broadcast on Thursday due to Shaun's Radio 2 commitments.
057 Wed 11 Jan 2023 2h 04m 17s 15 Endless Mixtape Episode 057 post-mix Broadcast on a Wednesday due to Shaun's Radio 2 commitments.
058 Wed 18 Jan 2023 2h 08m 40s 14 Endless Mixtape Kitty's Birthday Mix Broadcast on a Wednesday due to Shaun's Radio 2 commitments.
059 Wed 25 Jan 2023 2h 13m 30s 15 Producer Ben's Productive Morning Mix/Endless Mixtape Gardener's Feel Good Songs mix Broadcast on a Wednesday due to Shaun's Radio 2 commitments.
060 Wed 1 Feb 2023 2h 14m 56s 15 Producer Ben's Productive Morning Mix/Endless Mixtape GMF Show officially moved to Wednesdays
061 Wed 8 Feb 2023 2h 1m 42s 14 Endless Mixtape Hip Hop Hooray
062 Thu 16 Feb 2023 2h 08m 37s 13 Endless Mixtape Endless Mixtape Broadcast on a Thursday due to Shaun's half-term commitments
063 Wed 22 Feb 2023 2h 16m 44s 13 Endless Mixtape The Weekend Mix
064 Wed 1 Mar 2023 2h 07m 41s 14 Endless Mixtape Tara's CGR Mix Producer Caitlin stood in for Ben who was away.
065 Wed 8 Mar 2023 2h 17m 30s 14 Endless Mixtape Scott's CGR Mix
066 Wed 15 Mar 2023 2h 7m 47s 15 Endless Mixtape Scott's CGR Mix[12] The live broadcast suffered techincal issues and about seven minutes of dead air was broadcasted.
067 Wed 22 Mar 2023 2h 10m 28s 15 Endless Mixtape Happy Birthday Jimmy G
068 Thu 30 Mar 2023 2h 11m 21s 15 Endless Mixtape James Lamport's 2nd Mix Broadcast on Thursday due to Shaun's one day holiday
069 Wed 5 Apr 2023 2h 08m 35s 13 Endless Mixtape Little Timmy Mix Kitty on producer duties as Ben was off
070 Wed 12 Apr 2023 2h 11m 36s 14 Endless Mixtape Garden Playlist Matt from Consett's presenting debut.
071 Wed 19 Apr 2023 2h 10m 45s 15 Endless Mixtape Episode 071 post-mix
072 Wed 26 Apr 2023 2h 06m 42s 13 Endless Mixtape Marc Farell's mix The show began an hour earlier than usual due to a podcast recording with Simon Pegg.
073 Wed 3 May 2023 2h 7m 13s 14 Endless Mixtape Happy Birthday Weekly Wipe!
074 Wed 10 May 2023 2h 6m 46s 12 Endless Mixtape max's "this is liverpool calling" mix
075 Wed 17 May 2023 2h 11m 37s 13 Endless Mixtape Gina's "Silver lining" mix
076 Wed 24 May 2023 2h 08m 25s 14 Endless Mixtape Clive & Becky's Glasto mix
077 Tue 30 May 2023 2h 10m 42s 14 Endless Mixtape max's "rock the pops" mix The station was accidentally unplugged during the broadcast.
078 Tue 6 Jun 2023 2h 10m 26s 14 Endless Mixtape max's "rock the pops" mix The postmix was replayed due to technical issues the first time.
079 Wed 14 Jun 2023 2h 11m 23s 12 Endless Mixtape
080 Fri 23 Jun 2023 2h 20m 18s 13 None None This episode was recorded Live at Glastonbury
081 Wed 28 Jun 2023 2h 14m 39s 14 Endless Mixtape Sam Liddicott's Purple Playlist
082 Wed 5 Jul 2023 2h 03m 30s 15 Endless Mixtape Renzo's "Magnificent Desolation" mix
083 Wed 12 Jul 2023 2h 14m 52s 13 Endless Mixtape Arthur Keaveny's mix The one with the work experience kid - Shaun's eldest son, Arthur
084 Fri 21 Jul 2023 1h 47m 54s 9 [None] [None] This show was a live broadcast from Shaun's show at Bluedot festival on Friday 21st July
085 Wed 26 Jul 2023 2h 12m 56s 15 Endless Mixtape Lauren's "That's the Name of the Album!" mix "See you at the normal time, for a normal show next week."
086 Wed 2 Aug 2023 2h 08m 12s 15 Endless Mixtape Gina's "A few of our favourite things" mix
087 Wed 9 Aug 2023 2h 07m 19s 13 Replay of Episode 036 The Madonna Celebration Tour Mix A Gardener-generated playlist due to SWK looking after the kids
088 Wed 16 Aug 2023 2h 09m 37s 12 Endless Mixtape [None] There was no post-mix due to Shaun being in Covid Corner and Producer Ben beating a hasty retreat after the show.
089 Wed 23 Aug 2023 2h 07m 25s 12 Endless Mixtape Scott's CGR Mix Vol. 2
090 Wed 30 Aug 2023 1h 59m 30s 16 Endless Mixtape Matt Everitt's mix Matt Everitt filling in for Shaun who was on holiday
091 Wed 6 Sep 2023 2h 02m 02s 12 Endless Mixtape Something You Like Will Be Along Shortly A pre-recorded, 'best of' episode while Shaun is on holiday.
092 Wed 13 Sep 2023 2h 14m 19s 15 Endless Mixtape musical jigsaw Producer Hunter is covering for Producer Ben this week.
093 Wed 20 Sep 2023 2h 14m 15s 14 Endless Mixtape Weekly Wipe Playlist (2023-09-20)
094 Wed 13 Sep 2023 2h 06m 31s 13 Endless Mixtape Marc Farrell's 3rd Mix
095 Wed 4 Oct 2023 2h 07m 31s 14 Endless Mixtape thank you ben Producer Ben's final CGR show.
096 Wed 11 Oct 2023 2h 04m 27s 15 Endless Mixtape National Album Day - A '90s Theme Mix
097 Wed 18 Oct 2023 2h 06m 12s 13 Endless Mixtape Gina's "I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor" mix
098 Wed 25 Oct 2023 2h 03m 32s 15 Endless Mixtape Bunj's "Eclectic Mixtape" mix
099 Wed 1st Nov 2023 2h 07m 04s 14 Endless Mixtape Andy from Accrington's mix
100 Wed 8th Nov 2023 Endless Mixtape max's "100 not out" mix Community Garden Radio celebrates its 100th show.
101 Wed 15th Nov 2023 Endless Mixtape
102 Wed 22nd Nov 2023 Endless Mixtape
103 Wed 29th Nov 2023 Endless Mixtape
104 Wed 6th Dec 2023 Endless Mixtape


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