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Episode 032 is the 32nd broadcast of Community Garden Radio, it was broadcast on Friday 29 July 2022 at 1pm BST.[1] It was hosted by Shaun Keaveny.


The pre-mix began at 10:12am BST[2] with the Endless Community Garden mixtape.

The Show

Here you bloody well go. A show that Producer Ben proudly called 'quite a good one.' See you next week. KYOBC.[1]

Beds used

This list is incomplete

  • "This Is Your Life" theme (6:21)
  • "Bergerac" theme (14:08)
  • "Open Arms" ambience (17:34)
  • Middle Aged Shout Outs (19:36)
  • Groovin’ With Mr Bloe (after Childish Gambino)

Clips used

This list is incomplete

  • Please, drink responsibly (7:34), (18:53)
  • Paul McCartney birthday (8:52)
  • Logan Roy (14:03)
  • Sid James laugh (25:52)
  • Do ya like that? (36:59)
  • Modem sound (37:09)

Tracks played

The Wedding Playlist

Song title Artist Streaming link Notes
Something old I Go A Bundle Bernard Cribbins Open in Spotify Open in Spotify
Something new 2p Machine Francis Lung Open in Spotify Open in Spotify
Something borrowed The Right Thing Simply Red Open in Spotify Open in Spotify
Something blue Self Control Frank Ocean Open in Spotify Open in Spotify

The 'something borrowed' track was borrowed from/dedicated to Gary Bales of 6 Music.

Full track list


Open Arms

Drinks orders
Drink Food Patron Notes
San Miguel Packet of Frazzles NorthRoad Ste
Negroni cocktail Crispy egg Ginny Celebrated their 53th birthday
"Swift" half lager top & large house gin (none) max
Isotonic sports drink (none) Pete in York


Further information: Episode 032 post-mix

The post-mix was created by Algorhythmic Entropy and began broadcast at 3.10pm BST[2].

Episode notes

  • This episode was live streamed on Twitch.tv.
  • The podcast download for this episode contained the first 20 minutes of the post show mix.


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