Yesterday's a Hard Word for Me

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Yesterday's a Hard Word for Me is a song by Shaun Keaveny. It is a parody of the song 'Yesterday' by The Beatles from the album 'Help!'. It was first performed during Episode 032 on Friday 29th July 2022. It references Donald Trump's apparent difficulty in pronouncing the word 'Yesterday' with samples from his speech preparation outtakes[1].

Following the broadcast, Shaun introduced the song on Twitter[2], saying "the kind of silly shit that happens weekly on [the show]" and advertised the Patreon link.


Intro - spoken by Donald Trump

I would like to begin by addressing the heinous attack yesterday. Yesterday is a hard word for me.

Song - by Shaun

All instances of 'Yesterday' are sampled from the above


All my troubles seemed so far away.

I shouted 'build a wall, to keep Mexicans at bay...'

I can't pronounce Yesterday.

Suddenly, it was Washington I had to flee.

I said covfefe and not coffee.

Well, Yesterday didn't come naturally.

Mike Pence was my bro but you know he couldn't stay

I said something far right, I'm not bright and you'll all pay.


Insurrection's the word of the day

To Mar-a-lago, I ran to stay

Vlad Putin can come and play.

I'm a racist man made of ham with hair like hay.

I spread fear and hate and guess what?

Well I'm cray cray-ay-ay-ay.


I.. I can't say that word.

Was the day before today.

And Shaun Keaveny shares my birthday.

I cannot say ... that ... Yesterday

Hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm