Episode 018

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Episode 018 is the 18th broadcast of Community Garden Radio, first broadcast on Friday 22nd April 2022 at 1pm BST.[2] It was hosted by Shaun Keaveny.


The pre-mix was the Little Timmy Mix "superfantastic" | Open in SoundCloud Open in SoundCloud . It began at 11:30am BST. [2]

The Show

COME ON LET'S BE 'AVIN YOU!!!! ' Another "show". No, let me be mroe confident, another SHOW. Featuring CONTENT like the Song for the Tories and another edition of Nadine Dorries...please enjoy responsibly with a nice cold SI SI SI SI SAN MIGUELLLLLLLL.....

Tracks played

The Wedding Playlist

Song title Artist Streaming link Notes
Something old I'm So Glad Frank Howard and the Commanders Open in Spotify Open in Spotify
Something new Dead Is Dead Gently Tender Open in Spotify Open in Spotify
Something borrowed I Drink Mary Gauthier Open in Spotify Open in Spotify Borrowed from Ezra Furman
Something blue Blue Orchid The White Stripes Open in Spotify Open in Spotify

Full track list

  • Bolero by Beck
  • I of the Morning by Smashing Pumpkins
  • On a Carousel by The Hollies
  • Please Please Me by The Beatles
  • I'm So Glad by Frank Howard and the Commanders
  • Dead is Dead by Gently Tender
  • Strays by Jane's Addiction
  • Gabriel by Jo Goddard & Valentina
  • Re-make / Re-model by Roxy Music
  • That's The Way Love Goes by Janet Jackson
  • Open Arms jukebox: Black Tar by Pit Pony for Kathryn From South Shields
  • Open Arms jukebox: Don’t Believe A Word by Thin Lizzy for Dan 'Reggaeboi' Evans
  • I Drink by Mary Gauthier
  • Blue Orchid by The White Stripes



Further information: Episode 018 post-mix

The post-mix was created by Sarah. It began broadcast at 3.05pm.

Episode notes


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  2. 2.0 2.1 Timings taken from notice on Patreon.