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The Copa Album Club is a World Cup-style tournament to celebrate the first anniversary of Monday Night Album Club. It was devised by Tuftii and Discord moderator Kathryn during a late-night video chat and introduced during the 44th edition of the album club.


The Monday Night Album Club is a regular, recurring feature on the Community Garden Radio Discord server and Community Garden Radio. It is hosted and produced by Tuftii, with co-production from Moo the Cat. The show is broadcasted live from 'Tuftii Towers'. Listeners are invited to listen along on the Discord server and on Patreon. The show is uploaded to Patreon for catch-up.

Each album is given a match to play in and Discord members can vote on the match for their favourite. Voting is closed on Thursdays at 5pm and results are broadcast on the following Monday's album club, with Tuftii and Macs McCoist providing punditry and reports on the matches in a Match of the Day-style parody.

The tournament

The chosen albums will be randomly placed into matches and placed up for a vote in the new Discord channel, users will vote on their favourite album between the pair and the winner advances to the next round. One album will be given a bye due to 31 albums being chosen[1].

Round 1

Game 1:

Rage Against the Machine by Rage Against the Machine (004) vs. Silent Shout by The Knife (016)

Winner: Rage Against the Machine (26-10)

Game 2:

World To Me by Pit Pony (007) vs. 1977 by Ash (020)

Winner: Ash (19-13)

Game 3:

Green Dream in F# (027) by The Bug Club vs. I Love You Jennifer B by Jockstrap (017)

Winner: The Bug Club (14-11)

Game 4:

The Presidents of the United States of America by The Presidents of the United States of America (014) vs. The Race for Space by Public Service Broadcasting (022)

Winner: Public Service Broadcasting (24-9)

Game 5:

hugo by Loyle Carner (025) vs. Paul's Boutique by Beastie Boys (008)

Winner: Beastie Boys (20-7)

Game 6:

Harry's House by Harry Styles vs. No Rules Sandy by Sylvan Esso

Winner: Sylvan Esso (14-11)

Game 7:

NO THANK YOU by Little Simz vs. Walk Among Us by Misfits

Winner: Little Simz (19-8)

Game 8:

folklore by Taylor Swift vs. Murmur by R.E.M.

Winner: R.E.M. (16-13)

Game 9:

Special by Lizzo vs. Angels and Queens by The Gabriels

Winner: Lizzo (18-7)

Game 10:

Innervisions by Stevie Wonder vs. Sometimes I Might Be Introvert by Little Simz

Winner: Stevie Wonder (15-11)

Game 11:

Goo by Sonic Youth vs. HOLY FVCK by Demi Lovato

Winner: Sonic Youth (18-7)

Game 12:

Radiate Like This by Warpaint vs. The Velvet Underground & Nico by The Velvet Underground

Winner: The Velvet Underground (17-9)