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Shaun Keaveny's Daily Grind is a podcast produced by Global Radio, released every weekday at 5pm.


Welcome to the world of Shaun Keaveny's Daily Grind. It's a show of contradictions, it's about anything and everything but it's definitely also a show about nothing. It's a bit like a daily radio show but it's a podcast. It's disorienting, but it's also reassuring![1]

List of episodes

Episode Date Episode Title Featured Guest(s)
1 Monday 16th October 2023 The Grind Begins: Joe Lycett's Foreskin, Towpath Adventures and FaceTiming Gary Kemp Soren from the canal path, Joe Lycett, Gary Kemp of Spandau Ballet
2 Tuesday 17th October 2023 The Tricky Second Album: Rob Auton, Battery'n'Boiler Week and Listener Feedback Rob Auton
3 Wednesday 18th October 2023 Back at the Coal Face: Phone Jingle Wars, Dolphin News and Shaun's best features
4 Thursday 19th October 2023 Ross Noble Pops In: Patron Saints, Schnorbitz the Saint Bernard and Parenting Ross Noble
5 Friday 20th October 2023 It's Been a Week with Jordan Gray: Fighting Wasps on Stage and Jacket Potatoes in the Bath Jordan Gray
6 Monday 23rd October 2023 Listener Complaints, Slash as an Exotic Pet and Rishi Sunak's Answerphone
7 Tuesday 24th October 2023 David Bowie's A Lad in Spain, Explorer Mice and Rob Auton: our squirrel correspondent Rob Auton
8 Wednesday 25th October 2023 Would you give up sandwiches for life, for £10k?
9 Thursday 26th October 2023 WORLD FIRST - Beer and ASMR - why hasn't it been done before? Plus things you don't know about Pumpkins
10 Friday 27th October 2023 It's Been a Week with Dave Gorman: A Punishing Half Term, Ninja Warrior and Being Old Dads Dave Gorman
11 Monday 30th October 2023 A.I. Schools, Railway Cat and Rob Auton's Tortoise Poem Rob Auton
12 Tuesday 31st October 2023 Why Iain Stirling thinks about Shaun 'most days' of his life... Iain Stirling
13 Wednesday 1st November 2023 The Return of A Lad In Spain
14 Thursday 2nd November 2023 Shaun's Beef with Ice T, Fly-Tipping Point and All the Places We'll Go...
15 Friday 3rd November 2023 It's Been a Week with Harriet Kemsley: A Bad Gig, Dyspraxia and a Spooky Chicken Harriet Kemsley
16 Monday 6th November 2023 Shaun Keaveny Investigates: The Double Yolk Paradox
17 Tuesday 7th November 2023 Rob Auton's puppy and further investigations into the Double Yolk Paradox Rob Auton
18 Wednesday 8th November 2023 Daily Grind Special: Shaun and Craig Parkinson go to Christies (and the pub). Craig Parkinson
19 Thursday 9th November 2023 New Muffs, The Daily Grind's Fictional High Street and Suella Braverman's Memoir
20 Friday 10th November 2023 It's Been a Week with Suzi Ruffell: Vomming at Gigs, Cock ups on live Radio and Articulated Lorries Suzi Ruffell
21 Monday 13th November 2023 Shaun goes cold water swimming + Married at First Bite
22 Tuesday 14th November 2023 An Emotional Support Wasp, a Pale Brown Dot, and a brand new pantomime
23 Wednesday 15th November 2023 Dan Schreiber confirms the studio... is HAUNTED, plus Rob Auton's swimmming poem and Daily Grubd Christmas Ads. Dab Schreiber, Rob Auton
24 Thursday 16th November 2023 Which type of Boss B**** is Shaun?
25 Friday 17th November 2023 Its Been A Week with Brian Butterfield: Sleeping in Coggins, Buttertendo and Losing his Possesions in a Hurricane Brian Butterfield
26 Monday 20th November 2023 Shaun's Hertfordshire Adventure: Tax Deductible Pub Quiz with Mark Bonnar (Part 1) Mark Bonnar
27 Tuesday November 21st 2023 Shaun's Hertfordshire Adventure (Part 2) Mark Bonnar
28 Wednesday 22nd November 2023 Judi Dench's Pranks, Mr and Mrs Christmas Quiz and Rob Auton's Kettle of Tears Rob Auton

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