Monday Night Album Club 034

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The Monday Night Album Club on the 23rd January 2023, originally scheduled for the 9th January 2023, is a listening party on Community Garden Radio and Discord. It is the thirty-fourth edition of the Album Club, and the album chosen was Big Love Blanket by Personal Trainer. The pre-mix was scheduled curated by Tuftii.[1] The album was chosen as a part of the new album theme.

The album club broadcast was originally scheduled for 9th January was postponed due to technical issues.[2] It was rescheduled for the 23rd January 2023.


The album chosen was Personal Trainer's "Big Love Blanket". The vote took place in the Discord's newly created "Monday Night Album Club" channel. Personal Trainer won with 11 votes to 9 votes for Special Interest's "Endure" and 4 votes for SZA's "SOS".